This Blog is Moving!

Hello, friends!

The Serial Innovation blog is moving. I've created a new, more personal home for myself on the web.  I hope you'll join me there.  

Why?  Because in the last few months I've found my interests expanding beyond innovation to include so many other interesting topics.  Some small.  Some large.  Some nonfiction.  Some fiction.  So I started to build a site that could feature all of my interests and personal projects.  I've written stories.  I'm working on a podcast.  I wrote a children's book.  None of those fit into the goals of Serial Innovation.  So I'm transitioning my focus a bit—and I hope you'll join me.  

The Serial Innovation site will remain online indefinitely, but my focus will shift towards the new site.  Thanks for following this blog.  And for caring about all of the ways we can change the world for the better.  I'll see you "after the jump" as they say in broadcasting. Here: