New RSS and Website

For all of the followers who subscribed to the RSS feed for Serial Innovation, I am excited to announce that I have transitioned the blog and the website to a more dynamic platform—with a new design and a new RSS feed.  This will be the final post to the old RSS feed.  

To subscribe to the blog, please update your RSS feed with this new link:

To view the new site design, please visit:  

The new blog already contains a handful of new posts to get things rolling, including on issues of the Supreme Court and advertising & consumer culture.  You can expect frequent updates and a regular blogging schedule.  

The new website now hosts a massive 8-part series that I've just completed on innovative ideas for fighting obesity and its link to soda.  Be sure to check out the infographic and the proposal for the Coca-Cola company to create a free and innovative gym.

Thanks again for following and as always, please feel free to send me your thoughts or suggestions for improving the site.

All the best,